life transition coaching

"allowing a trusted partner to witness & hear us, is the freedom to be known"

Who is life transition coaching for?
  • • Your relationships provoke drama:  mind and emotional looping patterning need to change
  • • You are longing for belonging:  a sense of peace, happiness, communal meaning
  • • You have some awareness, yet know deeper awakening would infuse life with presence and agency
  • • You are soul seeking 

Some Life transition Coaching Stories

    Courage to Reinvent

    “I met Elaine, through a referral, when my husband was ill with an undiagnosed disease and I was physically and emotionally depleted. I was also working as an executive in health care.

    Her unique approach was a combination of naturopathy and what I would describe as a holistic coaching process. We explored the varied compartments of my life and work and found the threads of passion and the seeds of potential. I had so many competing priorities and distractions happening, and during our conversations I was able to breathe, reflect, process and manifest. 

    Elaine is an intuitive listener whose presence is calming, assuring, and hopeful. She helps paint a picture of clarity and design that you can choose to move toward and step into. It’s always about your choice.

    In our rushed and transactional world, it was a breath of fresh air to spend time with Elaine and try different exercises and approaches to get beneath the surface of my struggle, and really explore some of my cornerstones - some of which were keeping me stuck, and others that have proven to be incredibly foundational for me.

    I was a corporate employee when we worked together, and now have my own consulting business. I truly believe the various conversations, and seeds planted back helped form my decision and courage to reinvent myself through a career and lifestyle redesign.

    Deborah Bakti
    Former Corporate Vice President
    Now Founder and President, THINK Breakthrough Inc.  

    Imposter to Real

    I turned to Elaine Sano for support at a time in my life when I struggled with imposter syndrome. On paper I had a successful business and marriage, but I felt like I was failing the people who mattered most including myself. I no longer felt good about my work and personal relationships. 

    As an executive who is constantly on for her family, staff and clients, it was difficult to disconnect from these formal roles to turn inwards.

    To ensure a successful coaching relationship, it was important that I came prepared and was 100% present in each session. Elaine came thoughtfully prepared to each meeting, pouring so much of her own energy into the work which naturally reciprocated. With my permission, Elaine engaged my colleagues and friends to help guide the discovery process to ensure I could see what others saw in me to gain clarity. What set Elaine apart is her strong and innate ability to connect and offer a holistic experience. In addition to Elaine’s advanced coaching techniques, she applied her background in meditation and naturopathy to provide me the tools to progress in the short term while setting me up for success long-term. 

    Elaine also helped me tune out the noise and tap into my creative energy. Intuitively Elaine could sense when things were working and when to adjust her approach to fit my leadership style and personality. I too had to do my part and trust in the process.

    Elaine is aware of what her clients need to continue to grow. She did not hesitate to refer me to a colleague when it came time to re-direct my focus and renewed confidence back into my business.

    I recommend Elaine to senior leaders who need to re-connect with their why and are willing to invest in themselves. Over 5 years later, I still re-visit our session notes.

    Toronto Marketing Firm

    Every Stage of  the Walk

    “Elaine is a beautiful person who as a life coach walked along with me during challenging stages of my life. Elaine has been instrumental in helping me go through life with my elderly parents, my children leaving the nest for university and eventually getting married, and my personal medical issues.

    At this point in my life, in my early sixties, I still appreciate Elaine at my side to help me thrive and not just survive. We discuss how to make daily life more fulfilling, how to simplify my life, and most importantly how to be true to myself. We talk about mental and physical health as well as food. 

    Elaine is knowledgeable, attentive, and a great listener. She helps you find your own answers. She holds you accountable. Elaine supports you in every stage of your life journey.

    With gratitude,
    Chantal Farand-Viau 
    Virtuoso travel advisor

  • 4. WHOLE LIFE: 

    Content And Happy

    “I first met Elaine when she was a leader of a " Mastermind " or Women's Business Forum a few years ago. She was the most extraordinary and diligent leader I had ever met. Dedicated to our group during and following the meetings she guided us with great skill and creativity as we navigated issues related to our businesses and personal lives. We were all interested in career enhancement and personal growth and Elaine was the perfect person to lead us with her brilliant and innovative exercises giving the group new perspectives and unique ways to approach our obstacles and visions. It was during one of these sessions it became obvious to me that I would benefit from individual Coaching with Dr. Sano.

    Our sessions began in a beautiful space where I felt comfortable and nourished. I was fully in control of what I wanted to traverse and as time went on I was led down a path of insight and healing solutions related to childhood trauma and current issues. I cannot think of a more qualified and caring therapist to navigate these very delicate and painful issues.  Elaine's approach included an extensive knowledge of naturopathic medicine and years of experience working with private clients. She took detailed notes each time we met and was able to zero in on important information and experiences. Her approach was imaginative and tailored to my needs. In addition to her extensive training and experience she has highly developed intuition and innate knowledge allowing her to understand and speak to issues other therapists might miss. 

    Today I have resolved many issues which needed to be addressed and I have been left with many useful tools to approach to grapple with new challenges. I am more confident than I have ever been. And finally seeing Elaine has been instrumental in moving me forward to a happier and more content life.

    Jane Vining, President