Coaching Services with Elaine Sano

The Coaching story:
Career & Life found in the Transitions

The Hero’s Journey:  Presencing in Great Change

There are questions that naturally arise in Great Change.
What now?
What is good living?
What is your meaningful role for the greater whole?

I help you examine the question though a creative coaching process.   All parts of the old story are up for revision:  To keep.  Or not.  You are the ‘soul authority’ to craft the art of presencing.  This becomes the essential to designing the new story:  ‘the true story’.

Like any hero’s journey into a new reality, this one presents in stages.  

First is the call.  Shock. Limitation. Uncertainty. have threatened life as it has been.  All relationships with work, home and who you have been disrupted.  It has invited a choiceless loss of control.   The pressure is amped to reconcile inner dilemmas and old conflicts.  Navigating decisions with confidence hinge on this.  It is time for strong medicine.

Second is meeting a trusted guide.  The guide is one who understands the territory well, having already scouted the path.  The guide listens deeply and hears the next inquiry.  The guide holds the ground steady in whatever confusion or doubt is there to resolve. This is compassionate medicine.

Third is discovering the innovative leader in you.  You refine a new meaningful story.  This is one where the leader comes back to the village invoked with TRUTH, consciousness, and lives a good life.  The high value of your journey is clarity about your vital role to offer our changing world.  That is necessary medicine.

You are the hero who hears the call. And I’d like to be the guide. 

Let this be my invitation to your creative process:  mastering the art of leadership presencing.