career transition coaching

"Leaders may change jobs up to 10 times on average over a career span."

Who is Career Transition Coaching for?
  • • You are defocused, bored, restless in your current role at work
  • • Your job has been terminated and you wonder your relevance now
  • • You want to be an ‘authentic leader’ and you aren’t sure what that means
  • • You are nearing retirement, empty-nest:  your gut tells you there is an encore/philanthropy to be clarified & offered

Some career transition coaching stories

    Pivoting out of hiding to enriched engagement

    “I worked with Elaine during a time of transition in my life – a period that included both exploration of my myself, my purpose and what the next phase of my life would hold, plus a practical journey of career development and change.  The process for me was life changing.  Not only did I begin to understand how much I had constrained myself, kept my creativity hidden and oppressed the courageous authentic me, I also changed jobs, moving into a more fulfilling role that I still have today, and I renewed and enriched my relationship with my family.

    Elaine brings a magical combination of science, practical experience and structure, all balanced by intuition, creativity and a deep connection with the individual.   She instinctively knows when to listen, when to advise and when to push.  For me, Elaine’s holistic approach integrated the intensely practical aspects of being a professional, working mother and primary breadwinner with my need to go deeper and explore the physical, emotional and spiritual qualities of my life.  She did this while maintaining a deep respect for me and what made sense for my growth and needs in the moment.  She both met me where I was and pushed me to move beyond.  

    Working with Elaine was one of the greatest gifts of my personal development journey.  My experience and how I show up at work and at home today continues to be significantly influenced by it.  I have learned to remind myself of the personal power I have when I am authentic and show up as the real me – the me that came through as a young child who was free-spirited, brave even when afraid, and willing to put myself out there.  As a result, I am not only more comfortable and aligned on a day-to-day basis, but I am also seen as a leader who is real.

    Getting to this point required work.  It required an openness on my part to be challenged, to be willing to try different things and to be mindful.  If you are willing to engage in this way, then Elaine can truly change your life – not change who you are, but help you discover how to let the real you shine in ways you had not imagined.  How you experience life and how others experience you will change – for the better.  

    Kathy Woods, P.Eng.

    Getting to the core truth

    “I first met Elaine when we were both doing counselling in a program for grieving children.  I was always impressed by Elaine’s empathy and penetrating insights when taking the kids through this program. She was able to connect in a relevant way and take them on a journey that allowed them to get back to a place of happiness post the trauma they had personally been through. 

    In the next year I found myself in a career transition after spending nearly 20 years working at senior levels at large consumer package good organizations.  Burned out, and not wanting to rush back into a new job doing the same as before, I knew I needed to explore what would bring me happiness as I re-entered the workforce for the next 10+ years.  I reached out to Elaine for advice and started a “conversational journey” over the next 12 weeks to find a better understanding of myself and what truly were my passions that I wanted to follow in my next career. 

    What was interesting through this journey was Elaine’s ability to reach deeper into my soul with a series of creative exercises and probing questions about my whole life, not just my career and leadership skills. Elaine is one of the most intuitive persons that I have met, and her style of coaching allowed for a line questioning that brought deeper meaning and self-awareness about my life.  What I uncovered through this journey was a better understanding of myself and what were my true passions. Getting to the core, this was not about what society and friends expected of me, but a journey that allowed me to explore what I needed to focus on to make me personally fulfilled in career, family relationships and external pursuits.  In the end I did go back to a bigger corporate job, but how Elaine’s counsel helped me, was in clearly identifying what kind of job and culture would give me the most fulfilment. What were the skills I could best leverage and what were the key job responsibilities I enjoyed the most and those that I should stay away from. This elevated my leadership skills in the organization as I was much more self-aware on my strengths and my blind spots, and how I could best contribute to the Executive team.  

    While this conversation with Elaine was nearly 14 years ago, it has continued informally over the years and was a key factor in helping me identify my next career choice as a College Professor. 

    Elaine’s coaching would be of value for to both individuals in a career transition stage, or those in leadership roles where they need to elevate their leadership skills and profile. 

    Iain Chalmers
    Former Vice President Gilette
    Now College Professor

    Awakening purposeful service

    “After making the decision to leave my corporate role to embark on a year of reflection, I began the search for a coach to help me pivot my career.  The other coaches I interviewed were focused on career change. I was drawn to Elaine’s approach that helped me realize that the whole self has to be taken into consideration. 

    Elaine’s questions are the hard questions and not always comfortable but it was key in arriving at what I am calling “the pyramid” expressions of my authenticity. Elaine helped me stay true to me and reflected back when I was being dishonest with myself, or inauthentic with my own self. And that I think is the biggest value of the process.

    I loved this idea of being in a creative process with Elaine.  I finally settled in and stopped making spreadsheets, stopped being focused on analysis of what I should do, and went into that sensing part of the self. She encouraged me to be in my body, to increase my yoga and meditation practices, to use my new things and also journal.  

    I refer back to my core pyramid that I designed with her guidance.  Again and again and again, at least several times a year and sometimes for a month or so I'll look at my pyramid daily. Not one has changed. They are so authentic to me that, when I go back to these expressions of self, they are fully in line with my soul’s purpose. It has changed the way I approach projects and what kind of impact I want to bring into the world. I'm still in the process. I have gained tools for self-reflection that are different than I knew before in meditation, and these skills I continue deepen, thanks to Elaine. 

    The work relationships that I cultivate now and all new relationships are those that enable learning, growth with generative dialogue—what an energizing pleasure. I'm very grateful to Elaine for the work.  It is still a powerful influence in all of my life.

    Working with Elaine is a gift.  To be in partnership with another  trusted human in a safe space means you are not alone on that journey. She listens.

    Michelle Moore
    Former Corporate Global Partner 
    Now Founder MindEquity, Management Consultancy