the context

Creative Intelligence is beyond just intellect. It is listening to deep within the whole of mind-body-heart-soul.

This creative intelligence is your source of Vital energy, Truth, and Presence.
It is your core stability during the turbulence of great change.
Aligning with this intelligence
reorients you to clarity of your high ideal for the whole.
This forms your relevant currency
for the way to good living.

the challenge
Catalysts for great change:

Midlife crisis. Job Dismissal. Financial bottom. Dis-ease. Grief.

In just one moment, life is no longer as you have known it.


Retirement feels empty. Relationships are compromised. Work/home role is outgrown. Directionless feels numb & lost.

Inside begs a hunger for adventure & something “more” fulfilling.


Confusion. Doubt. Distraction. Panic. Exhaustion.

Relationships with work, partner and life reflect instability, pressure, or competing commitments.

the process

This is a wholistic coaching process that leads you to integration of body-mind-heart-soul. This integration feels in harmony with a good life. The integration carries service.

The design is for gifted individuals who are forward thinking, courageous & receptive.

What would good living be like?

The Process:

Guides you to untangling illusions & inner conflicts of conditioning.

Teaches a practice for maintaining mindful balance of physical energy, mental clarity, & heart centeredness.

Illuminates your presence in relationships & service.

Accesses your creative intelligence as the way to good living.

the question

What is your unique offering for "us"?

The process facilitates clarity and alignment. You connect to knowing your purpose. It is this connection that holds your offering for the larger whole: connection with us.


Elaine partners with you to co-design an individualized project that fits you.

  1. Restore:

    Mind-Body-Heart-Soul: quarterly appointments to keep aligned.

  2. Resilience Practice:

    Appointments to learn & practice skills for core stability.

  3. Resolve:

    Appointments to define & resolve a particular inner conflict to a place of clarity and actualization.

  4. Reorient to your Creative Purpose:

    Year long assignment of bi-monthly appointments through a creative cycle to refining a good life.

  • Appointment Length: 1.5 – 2 hours long
  • Format: via phone or zoom technologies
Elaine Sano

For nearly 25 years, elaine has practiced as a holistic consultant to hundreds of leaders from entrepreneurial founders to the C-Suite of large global organizations. Most of these folks would describe the coaching to be incisive and rigorous yet a stabilizing ground for entering a field to make rarified, conscious change.

Elaine speaks and writes on the Stress Epidemic, Science & Spirituality, and Creative Storytelling.


The process is steeped in a synthesis of contemporary western & ancient eastern traditions. It intersects Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Nature and Spirit. Its gravity sits on a foundation of Elaine’s formal training in Experimental Psychology, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (retired),& Certification in Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSCC). Elaine’s personal pilgrimage has led to studies in the Contemplative Sciences, I-Ching, Buddhism & Shamanism that inform the teaching.

Elaine partners with you
to design a coaching assignment that is right.

the invitation

Yes, I would like to meet elaine for one hour complimentary introduction.